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The South African Institute of Auctioneers (SAIA) has launched a powerful new campaign against racism in any way shape or form throughout the auctioneering industry.


In support of similar movements around the world sparked by high-profile race-related events, the institute has thrown its full weight behind the campaign and wants to stamp-out racism in all walks of life.


“We are asking our members to display our specially designed “Say no to Racism” banners on their websites and social media platforms. In addition, we have a series of posters that promote non-racialism and Ubuntu or oneness among our members. These may be displayed at members auctions or in their business premises if they like and are available in pdf form from our offices.


“These will be made available as an ongoing series dealing with issues of racism in all forms. The idea is to deal head-on with this serious issue and lay-bare the scaring effect it has on people’s lives and livelihoods. We need to educate and sensitise people so that racism becomes socially unacceptable in all walks-of-life,” says Lufuno Ramoyada, head of SAIA’s public relations committee.


Lufuno says that the race riots across the USA sparked by the killing of George Floyd, reveal just how powerful emotions are when dealing with issues of inequality and prejudice. It shows that even in a powerful country like the USA, that enshrines equality before the law, that racism has the potential to divide people and fuel hatred.


“In South Africa, with its painful past, we cannot afford to harbour ill thoughts or intentions towards others that are based on prejudices as a result of their race, gender or creed. The SAIA will continue to take a stand and do what we can to promote a united industry,” he concludes.



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