SAIA Introduces Privy Seal to Members
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SAIA Introduces Privy Seal to Members


PrivySeal provides organisations with Digital Authentication Services to reduce risk, increase compliance and build trust. Digital Accreditation Service will help your organisation to:

  • Protect the integrity of your qualifications, designations, standards and licenses;
  • Reassure the public that they are dealing with a bona fide registrant, professional, graduate or licensee in good standing with your organisation;
  • Motivate members to update contact information and ensure they remain compliant and/or in good standing; and
  • Verify the contact details of members and increase the data integrity of your core organisational member information.

What is a PrivySeal?

A PrivySeal is a digital seal of authenticity or validity.

Our Digital Accreditation seals and certificates confirm the authenticity of qualifications, professional status, corporate roles and more.  PrivySeals are embedded in email signatures, social media profiles, websites and digital signatures.

Clicking on a PrivySeal opens a Certificate of Verification, which provides more detail.

Your PrivySeal is a dynamic image containing verified information from a trusted source. We check the information contained in your PrivySeal at regular intervals to ensure it is still valid.

A PrivySeal only reflects valid information and therefore, when you see a PrivySeal, you know that the person's credentials are still valid.

When you include your PrivySeal in your email signature, people who read an email message from you will see that your PrivySeal contains the date and time the information about you was last checked.

The PrivySeal in your email signature clicks through to your Certificate of Verification.



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