SAIA Online Scams Alert Campaign
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SAIA Online Scams Alert Campaign

Advice from SAIA


Dear SAIA Members


SAIA has been actively involved in alerting the members of the public of the numerous online scams currently doing the rounds.


This is a very serious issue! The more we alert and advise our members and the public, the more we can limit and prevent further scams from taking place.


We have done numerous articles, social media notifications, and radio and television interviews, all of which are available on our Auction Blog and social media pages.


We can confirm, through our online scams alert campaign, that we have been successful in preventing more people from being scammed, and SAIA is seen as the go-to organisation for confirming the legitimacy of an auction company as well as general auction enquiries.


Please see the below alerts that have been sent out by SAIA in an attempt to try and protect the public


You can also read our blog article on how to avoid scammers



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