National Champions of the Auction Industry
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National Champions of the Auction Industry

Mogale Auctioneers' Philip Theron has recently been named the winner of the coveted 2021 SAIA National Auction Championships - Krugersdorp News

There’s only one place to go in Mogale City if you’re on the hunt for a great deal at one of the most trusted auction houses in South Africa. Mogale Auctioneers and Salvage Asset Management, located at 1 Engelbrecht Street, Krugersdorp West hosts one of their renowned auctions every second week, usually on a Wednesday. The best way to find out when the next open auction will be is to visit their Facebook page with the same name.

The centre and its sister location, Auction & Salvage Net is owned by Philip Theron Snr and operated by his son Philip Theron Jnr.

“Mogale Auctioneers was started in 2001, but it was a dormant company for the most part,” Philip Jnr explained. “I never knew that I was going to get in the mix of things, but I used to go along to all the auctions. Eventually, when I just finished matric and didn’t really want to go study, my dad said because Mogale Auctioneers had been dormant, they should start something again. He said I could become the auctioneer because he knew how much I liked auctions, and I was willing to try it.”

Five months later, Philip Jnr hosted his first auction in 2010. Eleven years later, they boast with a large base of regular customers who have shown them great support throughout the years.

Covid-19 obviously dealt them a serious blow, but Philip and his team quickly found alternative and much safer ways to hold their auctions once the lockdown regulations were eased.

“We have a good name. The public is always very positive when they’re here with us. Many of our customers travel long distances to support us, so we had a constant stream of between 150 and 200 registrations pre-Covid.”

Mogale Auctioneers now hold sit-down rather than walk-through auctions to minimise any health and sanitary concerns. “With walk-through, as the auctioneer I would stand next to the item that’s being sold, moving from one lot to the next. Now, customers remain in their seats and they can see on the screen exactly what’s up for bidding. It’s no longer necessary to put yourself in danger by standing among people.”

Through more than a decade of experience, Philip Jnr has developed a keen eye for pricing items correctly. With a clear idea of the price the item should fetch, he opens the floor to the bidders. They then call out their bids, and Philip attempts to get the price up to an acceptable level. The process ends when there are no more bids, and the buyer making the highest bid gets the item.

Potential buyers register a day or more before the auction and pay a deposit – one of the ways to prevent a situation where a successful bidder is unable to pay the bid price.

Philip Jnr recently was named the winner of the coveted 2021 SAIA National Auction Championships. The event was held at Randpark Golf Course on Friday, 7 May. Philip earned the trophy and cash prize for being the fasted talker an friendliest face on the auction stage, while correctly guiding bidders and ‘chanting’ clearly and effectively. The R25 000 prize money was then donated to a cerebral palsy cause.

Mogale Auctioneers recently had an experience they wish to warn others about. An apparent group of scammers had been advertising vehicles under an auction house’s name on social media, such as Facebook groups and market places. People who showed interest in any of the vehicles were asked to put down a deposit of around R10 000 via bank transfer.

When they wished to collect their vehicles, they’re unable to get hold of these scam artists. Since Mogale Auctioneers is the only auction house in Mogale City, those who were scammed went to their warehouse to enquire about the vehicles they had ‘bought’.

Persons who encounter these fake vehicle auctioneers are urged to contact the police with proof of the questionable business practices.

It is clear that under Philip’s guidance, the auction house is a premiere destination for auctions where one can expect value, great prices and excellent service, endorsed by the authority governing the industry.


Article & Photo: Jaco Human - Krugersdorp News



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